Choosing diapers for children

Choosing diapers for children


Newborn Mothers still choose not difficult. Most diapers are given the message that New born, where I buy diapers on the package indicated that New born it (really, nurses Weiner nurseries would recommend it since birth) and the age of one month, it turns out. insert sizes S, which is the same standard, however, the selection of diapers for children. The diapers And cloth diapers You must be thorough Check the Always The fabric is worn, it will lose some customers. Skin baby or not. By choosing diapers, ready to have children. Is recommended as it At age diapers size 3 months, you often change the diapers of their children. To be worn with flair and airy space. I do not feel uncomfortable Can be rolled up and sleep. And also allows air circulation However, you can prevent the rash, most often to children under the age of diapers. But each child the same age, although it may not have the same size. So what you should provide a basis for choosing diapers for children. Is to look at the weight of the baby. By wrapping the products diapers are listed. That is, how much weight In addition, more tips on choosing the right size diaper. For more baby May try considering the following manner.
– To tighten the waist and thighs can be inserted into a 1-2 inch fingers and slip out while wearing.
– Noted that the edges of the diaper should be about 1 cm below the navel.
– When unfolded, diapers and diaper pin edge. Already started to wear There will be no gap in the left thigh.
– When you are not wearing red marks on the baby’s legs – not sure if the size is right. Should large diaper before. Even in the case of diapers purchased too large. But when the baby grows up, it can be used.

There are many examples that make diapers. You have to check the size, pattern and texture effects that make diapers. Before You Buy Diapers for baby Should be designed to provide good ventilation. To be able to wear flip to sleep or urinate faeces, it can be easy.
The fabric of diapers
Comfort of diapers is the one thing that you pay attention better. The fabric is suitable for sensitive skin of children. It reduces irritation Allergies and allergic skin of the baby. You may want to consider the meat inside the diaper. Some meat diapers produced varies for children at different ages. This helps to absorb And reduce irritation with the baby each age better.
This is very important First, look at your baby’s age. He shoots waste Both urine and feces often do. The much In young children, change diapers frequently already. Most of the 2-3 hour shift. But if the baby’s stools Mom was always in a hurry to change that, however, ideal for baby diapers. Should absorb better. After he urination Should absorb all The dry skin Except if the diaper is heavy enough to absorb it. It should be changed If you wear a Next time might absorb bad. The stained mattresses and children’s skin.

In addition, the guidance in the selection of diapers, the baby of the foregoing. Most parents make the decision based on price promotions, but even so. Selection criteria diapers optimal. It is measured from the ball itself. Little Some diaper brand already caused irritation, it must be replaced. Always observe and monitor This is to give the baby to wear. Both waking and sleep.

To buy Diapers.