The importance of jewelry

The importance of jewelry

Accessory Is an important part of the dress of women. Since the early days until today. No racism counties To deny the beauty of the decor has. Jewelry with Style Each type has a different format. Depending on how you choose to do. To your personality and outfit you wear.
The human body jewelry is a symbol of social status and satisfaction of users. A Latent sculpture art with others. Place decorative art and objects of art to appreciate beauty, both physical and mental.
“Jewelry” can be classified into two broad categories of jewelry, precious stones and decorated them with fabric or used in apparel such as gloves, bags or collectively, Accessories, whether men’s or women’s jewelry. Are the things that help enhance the personality of the wearer look right or look charming, likable or admirable Association.
Decorations will contribute to strengthening confidence in your brand image more. Jewelry embellishment outward appearance to the wearer looks “better” is attractive to those who see it. As the saying “The beauty of chicken feathers It’s a beautiful dress, “or” Oh! That’s good to have both manners and dress. ”
Jewelry makes women look beautiful, elegant dress to wear. Confidence in yourself it will happen. I love himself or herself pretty proud of yourself, do not need a large piece of jewelry. Need not be expensive But the right And fit in the selection of jewelry. More important than the price again.
The jewelry should be gems maintenance of the many opportunities available if they choose a diamond that is not soon become obsolete. Women may consider the use of earrings, ring, brooch or bracelet with the overall look, do not overuse. Men may use a tie tack. The diamond jewelry With an emphasis on chic Smooth and cool The buttons pinned to the sleeve can choose several different occasions.
Jewelry is the sense of humor the idea that each reflected. Apart from that Jewelry accessories, but also the image of an honest look to the attention of those around her.
In today’s jewelry In addition to the decoration of the body beautiful. Jewelry can also be something that I can cure ailments. By looking at them Stone, who treat This was a long time It was adapted into a jewelry making it easier to wear them as fashion necklaces, fashion rings, earrings or a fashion so that it can be worn. The wearers would have believed that. Wearing them will make you healthy. Fever does not hurt But it is a personal belief, and there is the notion of the sacred added extra prestige depends on the properties of the jewelry type.

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Choosing diapers for children

Choosing diapers for children


Newborn Mothers still choose not difficult. Most diapers are given the message that New born, where I buy diapers on the package indicated that New born it (really, nurses Weiner nurseries would recommend it since birth) and the age of one month, it turns out. insert sizes S, which is the same standard, however, the selection of diapers for children. The diapers And cloth diapers You must be thorough Check the Always The fabric is worn, it will lose some customers. Skin baby or not. By choosing diapers, ready to have children. Is recommended as it At age diapers size 3 months, you often change the diapers of their children. To be worn with flair and airy space. I do not feel uncomfortable Can be rolled up and sleep. And also allows air circulation However, you can prevent the rash, most often to children under the age of diapers. But each child the same age, although it may not have the same size. So what you should provide a basis for choosing diapers for children. Is to look at the weight of the baby. By wrapping the products diapers are listed. That is, how much weight In addition, more tips on choosing the right size diaper. For more baby May try considering the following manner.
– To tighten the waist and thighs can be inserted into a 1-2 inch fingers and slip out while wearing.
– Noted that the edges of the diaper should be about 1 cm below the navel.
– When unfolded, diapers and diaper pin edge. Already started to wear There will be no gap in the left thigh.
– When you are not wearing red marks on the baby’s legs – not sure if the size is right. Should large diaper before. Even in the case of diapers purchased too large. But when the baby grows up, it can be used.

There are many examples that make diapers. You have to check the size, pattern and texture effects that make diapers. Before You Buy Diapers for baby Should be designed to provide good ventilation. To be able to wear flip to sleep or urinate faeces, it can be easy.
The fabric of diapers
Comfort of diapers is the one thing that you pay attention better. The fabric is suitable for sensitive skin of children. It reduces irritation Allergies and allergic skin of the baby. You may want to consider the meat inside the diaper. Some meat diapers produced varies for children at different ages. This helps to absorb And reduce irritation with the baby each age better.
This is very important First, look at your baby’s age. He shoots waste Both urine and feces often do. The much In young children, change diapers frequently already. Most of the 2-3 hour shift. But if the baby’s stools Mom was always in a hurry to change that, however, ideal for baby diapers. Should absorb better. After he urination Should absorb all The dry skin Except if the diaper is heavy enough to absorb it. It should be changed If you wear a Next time might absorb bad. The stained mattresses and children’s skin.

In addition, the guidance in the selection of diapers, the baby of the foregoing. Most parents make the decision based on price promotions, but even so. Selection criteria diapers optimal. It is measured from the ball itself. Little Some diaper brand already caused irritation, it must be replaced. Always observe and monitor This is to give the baby to wear. Both waking and sleep.

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Preparing for winter

Preparing for winter

Healthcare in winter
In the winter, we might get as flu; a virus causes influenza. Some people are allergic to the same. The lost things in the house such as pet fur. The dust mites may have more allergies. The symptoms may include sneezing, runny nose, or some people with asthma. Chronic lung disease, it may already have asthma symptoms more. Especially if the flu or with the flu. There were problems with the skin, it is common, such as dry, itchy skin after a bath which is very common in the elderly, which have less fat under the skin and sebaceous glands are reduced with age. People who are old or dry skin may itch or skin peeling away. Some people are allergic skin rashes, cold air; it can cause a rash occurs during this period.

Causes and risk factors that can cause health problems.
A virus causes flu or influenza. This contact, such as coughing, sneezing, respiratory pathogens spread into the air. Or from a sputum Contaminated by the saliva of patients such as door knobs, stair rails, glass and hand to touch it accidentally caught nose. Catch my face, nose, or eyes can cause the disease.
The symptoms caused by allergies are more likely to stay close to what we lost, as well as winter and pets may be in more homes. If we lost, our fur could cause more symptoms. Or we lie more in the winter, making up as dust mites in bedding more for cold symptoms, rash or itching, dry, itchy skin peeling is caused by cold air directly.

The need for vaccination against influenza.
Recommend injections in patients with high risk of complications from the disease. In general, it is not recommended because the vaccine works about 70-90 percent, but in older people may be less effective than this. The cause of the vaccine less effective than other types of influenza virus has mutated throughout. It should be vaccinated before the outbreak. When injected into the body, it takes two weeks for immunity. And immunity is not the first year that must be pumped once a year. For the vaccine to seniors older than 65 years, 1. 2. those with chronic lung disease, asthma, heart and circulatory system 3. People with chronic conditions such as diabetic nephropathy 4. a. Immunodeficiency Including those receiving immunosuppressive 5. Children aged six months – 8 years taking aspirin regularly. If the patient is potential influenza, hepatitis, and encephalitis 6. pregnant women, second quarter and third 7. Those who need to work closely with patients suffering from chronic or communities such as doctors, nurses, and medical staff. Those who work in caring for the elderly and so on.
Should health care in winter, however?
Health care is imperative. It will reduce the chances of illness into health. In general, should:
1. healthy always. By eating a healthy diet and sufficient maturity among Drink plenty of water, exercise regularly. Enough rest, not labor too hard.
2. In a well-ventilated. Not into the crowded, especially during an outbreak of influenza.
3. Avoid smoking, alcohol and drugs can cause various health deteriorated. HIV is
4. Avoid close contact with people who are the ill flu. And should not be used together, such as handkerchiefs, glass, plate, bowl, spoon.
5. Wash your hands frequently, probably because of exposure to pathogens by various objects such as railings, door knobs, etc., and then accidentally touch a glass of water in front of them. By washing hands with plain soap and water for 15-20 seconds or use hand washing the other.
6. Keep warm in the winter, or the weather changes. In the very cold, wear a hat to reduce heat transfer from the body.
7. If a cold or flu Should have cotton mouth and nose when coughing and sneezing. Do not mingle with others and always wash your hands frequently.
8. For skin problems, We should keep the body warm at all times. Wearing full winter if the weather is not very long shower in the cold. May not have to shower twice a day like the others. After the bath, apply skin lotion or oil. After wiping cloth in case of problems cracked lips. Apply lipstick with it and do not lick lips repeatedly.

Everyone should look forward to a real time because health care is the most cost-effective prevention. And nobody knows that illness will happen to us when. If we were probably more people with underlying health. For those who are not very old. Health care should be the same. Because of good health at a young age as a barrier to prevent the aging.

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Basics of Shooting

Basics of Shooting

  1. Trios and stability: shooting position is vital because the fire was started that would cause the balance and stability of the body and hands. The system has the muscle, and the body is minimal. Help maintain the use of arms and shooting to a minimum. Contribute to the maintenance of a level head and an arm in the right spot. According to the most obvious being targeted. Moreover, to provide stability during shooting.






The trios are accurate and complete.

Place your feet shoulder width apart.

The weight and the weight of the gun OK on both legs

The use of firearms must be fully extended. The wrist and elbow must be still possible.

Arms and shoulders must be at an angle of approximately 12-20 degrees.

Do not use firearms to be relaxed. It may be placed in a front pocket or belt. To prevent unnecessary movements.

Lifted up his head and stared at the goal. To be able to adjust and without interference

The balance in the shot the flow of the arms, slowly approach the target.

In the forthcoming 45 degrees to the target, an arm is lifted up to the firing by the force of the shoulder muscles only. The other parts are not moving.

The gun: you must feel like a natural force. Particularly those who have never practiced before. When training, it can be done smoothly.

The gun right

The hand-shaped “V.”

Remove gun slipped clutches

The concept of parallel into the barrel. Moreover, the upper part of the hand is always on the top of the gun.

Middle finger ring finger and little finger pistol grip.

When not in use, place the index finger on the side of the gun above the trigger guard.

The thumb should be straight and put the gun to attach.

Touch the tip of the index finger Krai gun to the central hit the trigger.





Breath :

Breathing must be moved for the stomach. Chest and back muscles If the gun is moving as little as possible. Shooting is the best result so as artillery fire-breathing or not breathing at least let the bullets out. The shot will turn out well.

However, hold your breath while doing it Blood oxygen If you long to cause dizziness and loss of consciousness. Since the breakdown of brain cells as a result of which the blood is not oxygenated, so we should practice breathing to shoot for about 6-10 seconds.

Breathing correctly

Should stand in the correct posture. Before picking up a gun and take a deep breath, then exhale slowly for about two times.

While picking up guns Inhale standard but when I raised the target Breathe out to the point that breathing stops.

While stopped breathing after shooting the body must be in a stable position.

When a bullet is fired off. Body still in the slide. Then, slowly lower the arms down and started breathing normally.


The aim is to equip the gun pointed at the target. The aim is that the recipes. “Left turn, aim with the right eye. The elite center in the middle notch center-back always. Placed in the lower part of the definition, “which described below.

Range closed left eye; right eye means the only one to recognize.

The center is top notch center after center means the center to the middle of the centre-back.

Bak is always the center means that the upper part of the center, always on the top of the centre-back.

Placed in the bottom of the definition means that when the center forward and center back then. The two centers are set at the bottom edge of the black circle.

The complete range

Looking forward to seeing

Centre-back film

Light two sides of the center must be equal.

The width of the center depends on the person.

The depth of the centre-back to centre-forward enough to see clearly.

The center:

Gun Center will include a conference center and centre-back. Center will be fixed Not customizable, But the centre-back can be adjusted by moving up, down, left or right.




The center:

When we fired bullets and targets agreed at one point, but not where we want. We can move to the position of the bullet point that we want, like when a bullet shot out of the target agreed under the black dot. However, the goal we set is a black spot. We can adjust the gun by moving the backup center. If you fire bullets and shells fell under the black dot. We can fix it by moving back into the center. Alternatively, move left or right.

  The trigger:

The triggers are to let off a gun shot to the crotch. This is the final of the shotgun.

The specific triggers. Must gently press the trigger gently until the gun to fire it. If the trigger is too high to cause surges. Bullets fall meet targets But gradually mechanism or trigger smoothly. Bullets will gradually fall out and meet goals.

Training must try and pull the trigger without bullets. It should be about 70-80 times a day because the train triggers a shot, put it. Make training active Shooting still and not cause a surge.


Shooting a powerful shot that should follow the steps correctly. It can lead to victory.

The process of shooting

Bring a non-shooting handgun. Moreover, then placed in a fire.

Check sight

Trios correct

Deep breathing about two times

Breathing three times and lifted the gun up. When the goal is to exhale

Gently touch the trigger

Aim to the target

Gently press the trigger

Shooting continues to maintain peace.

Slowly lower your hand, then walk condemned the shooting.

Preservation of the shooting.

Treatment after the shooting. Not only during treatment, the bullet only. However, to maintain the conditions of post-release shot out for a while. The bullets hit the target




Analysis of fire:

Analysis firing means that we work it takes to decide whether the procedure is successful, all of the shot. There are drawbacks, however, After the error was corrected. To make a shot the next time the most powerful.

  1. Training: Rehearsal for shooting sports is necessary. Therefore, it should be a new experience ongoing physical and mental.
  1. Equipment: Competitive shooting sports There are three major types of equipment, ammunition, and targets, but also other devices such as additional costumes. Close your eyes, and hearing protection sling.