Preparing for winter

Preparing for winter

Healthcare in winter
In the winter, we might get as flu; a virus causes influenza. Some people are allergic to the same. The lost things in the house such as pet fur. The dust mites may have more allergies. The symptoms may include sneezing, runny nose, or some people with asthma. Chronic lung disease, it may already have asthma symptoms more. Especially if the flu or with the flu. There were problems with the skin, it is common, such as dry, itchy skin after a bath which is very common in the elderly, which have less fat under the skin and sebaceous glands are reduced with age. People who are old or dry skin may itch or skin peeling away. Some people are allergic skin rashes, cold air; it can cause a rash occurs during this period.

Causes and risk factors that can cause health problems.
A virus causes flu or influenza. This contact, such as coughing, sneezing, respiratory pathogens spread into the air. Or from a sputum Contaminated by the saliva of patients such as door knobs, stair rails, glass and hand to touch it accidentally caught nose. Catch my face, nose, or eyes can cause the disease.
The symptoms caused by allergies are more likely to stay close to what we lost, as well as winter and pets may be in more homes. If we lost, our fur could cause more symptoms. Or we lie more in the winter, making up as dust mites in bedding more for cold symptoms, rash or itching, dry, itchy skin peeling is caused by cold air directly.

The need for vaccination against influenza.
Recommend injections in patients with high risk of complications from the disease. In general, it is not recommended because the vaccine works about 70-90 percent, but in older people may be less effective than this. The cause of the vaccine less effective than other types of influenza virus has mutated throughout. It should be vaccinated before the outbreak. When injected into the body, it takes two weeks for immunity. And immunity is not the first year that must be pumped once a year. For the vaccine to seniors older than 65 years, 1. 2. those with chronic lung disease, asthma, heart and circulatory system 3. People with chronic conditions such as diabetic nephropathy 4. a. Immunodeficiency Including those receiving immunosuppressive 5. Children aged six months – 8 years taking aspirin regularly. If the patient is potential influenza, hepatitis, and encephalitis 6. pregnant women, second quarter and third 7. Those who need to work closely with patients suffering from chronic or communities such as doctors, nurses, and medical staff. Those who work in caring for the elderly and so on.
Should health care in winter, however?
Health care is imperative. It will reduce the chances of illness into health. In general, should:
1. healthy always. By eating a healthy diet and sufficient maturity among Drink plenty of water, exercise regularly. Enough rest, not labor too hard.
2. In a well-ventilated. Not into the crowded, especially during an outbreak of influenza.
3. Avoid smoking, alcohol and drugs can cause various health deteriorated. HIV is
4. Avoid close contact with people who are the ill flu. And should not be used together, such as handkerchiefs, glass, plate, bowl, spoon.
5. Wash your hands frequently, probably because of exposure to pathogens by various objects such as railings, door knobs, etc., and then accidentally touch a glass of water in front of them. By washing hands with plain soap and water for 15-20 seconds or use hand washing the other.
6. Keep warm in the winter, or the weather changes. In the very cold, wear a hat to reduce heat transfer from the body.
7. If a cold or flu Should have cotton mouth and nose when coughing and sneezing. Do not mingle with others and always wash your hands frequently.
8. For skin problems, We should keep the body warm at all times. Wearing full winter if the weather is not very long shower in the cold. May not have to shower twice a day like the others. After the bath, apply skin lotion or oil. After wiping cloth in case of problems cracked lips. Apply lipstick with it and do not lick lips repeatedly.

Everyone should look forward to a real time because health care is the most cost-effective prevention. And nobody knows that illness will happen to us when. If we were probably more people with underlying health. For those who are not very old. Health care should be the same. Because of good health at a young age as a barrier to prevent the aging.

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