Simple tips for car wash thoroughly

Simple tips for car wash thoroughly.


car wash



Do not scratch and does not damage the car.

1. From the hottest water. Penny soil to dust and dirt. Make the most out of the car.

2. Typically, The car wash clean with water alone is sufficient. But it can take a lot of scrubbing. If you want to wash up, clean, bright, crush it to a car wash with the shampoo.

3. The car is like home Time to start cleaning from the top first, then gradually cleaned from top to bottom.

4. recommend using a soft cloth, such as lint in a car wash. Do not use a sponge to wash cars Because sand or dust Is trapped in the pores of the sponge. When rubbed on skin color. Cause scratches And if you should bring clothes to soak it before. Even if it is excellent with fabric softener. And while the car is to be persistent and does not rub it with a cloth.

5. In general, the upper portion of the dust. While the bottom is dirty and dusty. It is recommended to use separate boards for the first three tracts of land clearing on the roof, hood. The bonnet and windscreen wash the bottom of the second piece of the car. Since the lower edge of the water used for cleaning the wheels. And other dirty If the same cloth I recommend frequent washing To remove dust from the mud cloth.


car wash

6. water repellent shampoo out. Use a soft, dry cloth to wipe dry the car immediately. Has no dust And water stains on skin color.
Note: If you wash it at home alone. It is recommended to clean the wheels before If we wash the car before. Then clean bike later Make water stains Treatment Dry Shampoo Cause stains and water.

After washing, dry it well too.

1. Use a soft cloth to wipe the car since these cars will not be scratched. Wiping the correct car wash is like a wipe from the top down to the bottom of the car. So that water drips into the bottom out. Do not have to work second.

2. Part of the car to be aware of all the inner edge of the door. Inside the trunk Inside the fuel tank cap, windshield wipes it dry as possible. Do not overlook the Archangels

3. Alloy Wheels, it should be dry with. If not wipe the stain is water based. If left for long Water stains were removed to eliminate poverty.

car wash


1. Do not wash your car in the evening. If cleared, then leave the park. Cause rust in spots, we did not wipe dry. Unless there is a dryer to dry. Or to allow oil to remove the car drove away. The wind makes every alley; every corner is completely dry.

2. Do not wash your car in the sun. Also, people may not be comfortable now. Sunlight will dry too quickly and wipe. Can cause water stains on skin color car.

3. Do not use a damp cloth to wipe the car wash because the car will break down the different colored dust that can cause scratches on a cloth to dry the car up so much time. The birth marks, it is more than normal.

4. Do not use a wooden feather. Brush or All Duster for Cleaning It’s like using a paper towel car ever. While dusting Wood dust will rub dirt or sand, according to skin color. Cause wrinkles.


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