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Cheap Philips Avent steam sterilizer


It is undeniable that Electric Steamer that Become necessary for homes with small children. I just plugged It works instantly and automatically. Placing parents as much as ever. But Steamer that allows us to revel in this. Is there a way to use some caution. Answers are below.

Read the manual thoroughly before use. Although air sterilizer power to comfort. Some are easy to use. But parents should not neglect to read the manual thoroughly correct it. To minimize errors due to improper use. Meanwhile, it must be careful about the electrical system may have a leak or a short circuit.

Steamed users only many parents understand. Air sterilizer that can be used with hot food. This is a misunderstanding. Because even if the sterilizer power to do so. But the objective is more efficient.

Wipe dry after cleaning. Because moisture is the primary cause bacteria growth as well. Thus, when the job is done. It should be clean and dry at all times. Had Steamer moisture. Or dry Pathogen growth, it will not harm your baby.

After wiping the machine, sterilizer until thoroughly dry. Remember to close the cap tightly and store or put it in dust and moisture.

Steamed own budget

Many parents choose to keep the sterilizer without the use of steam power. But still unsure of the procedures and practices of their own too. That correct and safe for baby enough. Which I have to say The steam itself is not a hassle. But we have to be careful as well.

Time & Temperature is important here. Because of the high temperatures and takes much longer to steam. The likelihood that bacteria will die, it would be higher.

Usually, we have to take the heat, the boiling point of 100 degrees Celsius to kill germs. At the same time, the use of steam, it is not long enough for at least 10-15 minutes to break down pathogens. And no further growth possible.

Bottles must be dry at all times. Every time you eat it. Parents must be washed thoroughly before feeding bottles. It was then dried in the sun and then steamed. To reduce the odor to occur. When steamed and then to the sun to dry again. But be careful of the wind and dust.

Whether using Steamers. With conventional autoclave or steam itself. If parents keep clean as possible. Regardless of the temperature and time of steam. This will reduce the chances that children will get sick or have diarrhea.

Whether parents are using electric or steam sterilizer to themselves. Pay attention to what is

Cleanliness is the most important. Before the baby milk Must wash your hands or a spoon of milk containers must be clean. Even the milk to the children. Whether in the home or outside the home. It must be clean enough

Bottles of children must always be dry. The bacteria thrive in moist. Therefore, you should not leave bottles of the wet ball. Except as sterilizer minted only.

Instead of steaming boiled But must be cooked in boiling water 100 ° C for 10-15 minutes at least. And use tongs to grip the bottle to prevent the disease.


Cheap Philips Avent steam sterilizer